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Virivee makes high quality unique hand-dyed and hand-printed tights and deliver them to all parts of the world. Since its foundation in 2012 it has delivered Virivee products to more than 43 countries.

The products can be divided into four bigger categories: one is the category of ombre tights, the other product line consists of patterned tights, the third line are the elegant Black&Gold line, and in 2016 the sheer product line was introduced.

The tights are made in Budapest, Hungary. The used materials and the packagings are from Hungary and the European Union.


The Virivee brand was created by Viri Vig at the end of 2012. First she introduced her tights on Etsy, because she wanted to know if there was a demand for them or not. The first orders were received after merely a day, and the interest never stopped. It was a clear feedback that the product can be popular and it might be worth to start a company. In the beginning of 2013 she started a Kickstarter campaign to introduce the products to the market. The successful 24 days social funding campaign showed that the products would most probably find their own market.

Her own English web store,, was started in the summer of 2013.

In March 2015 she opened her first shop in Budapest, Hungary.

Quality and Safety

All Virivee items are hand dyed and printed individually in our workshop in Budapest. We think that buying handmade products should mean buying quality products, so we use best quality materials so you can use these tights for a long time.

All used materials are made in the European Union. We guarantee that our products are 100% toxic-free. We prefer working with materials created by small or locally owned businesses.

Viri in front of the Virivee store in Budapest
Viri Vig with her models
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