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The main Types of Virivee customers

Our ombre tights are now present all over the world. We can deliver everywhere, from Russia to the United States and from Sweden to Australia. Virivee tights has already been ordered from 38 countries, and the customers offer some interesting stories their own.

  1. Stereotypes

We have received e-mail messages from lots of costumers and delivered lots of tights, and we can tell based on our experiences that some stereotypes have a certain amount of truth behind them. The Japanese orders are mainly size S tights, while people from the United States tend to order them in size L. German people favor dark, delicate colors, and Australians love to choose tights with vivid and loud coloring.

  1. The Fans

Buying Virivee tights is like getting a tattoo: first you get one, then another one, and before you would notice, you have a whole collection. We have lots of recurring costumers who usually belong to one of the following categories. There are those who buy their second tights a year after their first order (when the novelty finally wears off) and those who just opened up the package of their first ombre tights and they are right back at the online shop to place the next order.

Nadja for instance is a Swedish lady who just recently ordered one pair of tights. As soon as it was delivered she immediately ordered two others. When the second package arrived she ordered two more all for herself. It is safe to say that between her and the ombre tights, it was love at first site.

But the title of biggest Virivee fan possibly goes to Ellis from Belgium who currently owns almost the complete Virivee collection. She is a real regular and a true fan of the brand not only because she orders every new models right after their introduction but also because she shares her honest opinion about them. Ellis is not only a costumer but the perfect test subject. Her opinion means a lot to us, so from time to time she gets a free sample of designer tights not yet available in the online shop.

  1. Men

Yes, some of our sexy tights are bought by men. Have you ever seen men in lingerie shops standing in the bra department, trying to figure out the right size? You will then understand why they like Virivee tights so much. They only have to know the height and approximate weight of their loved ones, and they have every information necessary to order a gift which will probably be received with enthusiasm. Our every tenth costumer is a man, but not all men buy tights for their girlfriends or wifes though. Once we got an order from the USA for yellow-red ombre tights in quite a big size, and it turned out they were bought by a crossdresser. Sadly, he didn’t send a picture of himself, but we’re sure he looked dashing!

We have already met all types of costumers. Some of them know exactly what they want and others need our help. Some of them already know what Virivee is, others see someone in Virivee tights and they search for us. Some costumers wait for the packages to be delivered by postal service but others are more impatient and pay for a courier. We have faced many difficulties, packages lost by postmen, complicated deliveries, niggling customs, and even hurricane Sandy which delayed the delivery or our packages with two weeks. The American postal service did an amazing job though, for eventually all our designer tights arrived safely and in perfect shape.

We are prepared, experienced, and nothing can surprise us anymore, or at least that’s what we hope.
 We can’ wait to gather more and more valuable experiences!

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