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Tights for the autumn

Autumn is right around and the corner and with it comes velvety textures, a gorgeous cold hue palette and an accessory that can make any outfit pop.

Having to leave summer behind can be a bit depressing, especially because low temperatures mean putting away those cute airy dresses and take out the thick denim out of the bottom drawer, but before you pout and go on strike with your wardrobe (and the weather) we are going to talk about a little item that allows you to stay in a close relationship with your summer skirts and spring dresses: tights.

According to Fashionista tights had their biggest moment in 2013 when designers like Monique Lhuillier, Naeem Khan, Proenza Schouler, Tommy Hilfiger and Anna Sui were showcasing them in their runway shows as the new ‘it’ item, since then they’ve stuck around making the low temperatures a bit more wardrobe friendly. This versatile piece of clothing comes in a never-ending list of patterns and textures which makes them so much fun to play with as long as you know what flatters you and what makes you feel the most confident.

There are a few of Do’s and Dont’s when it comes to picking the right tights.

The first rule of gold is to invest a little when shopping for them, because if you don’t I promise you that ripped —only wore twice—tights will be in your future. Second, hue MATTERS, remember that, hue matters, hue matters, hue matters. Okay now that you’ve repeated that 3 times fast let me explain, bold bright tights go well with toned down basics, and the same in reverse, a bright outfit goes better with darker hued tights —you can go bold on bold but I only recommend that if you are a free spirited girl that works on a cupcake shop or something similar. Autumn is still a good friend of color (just look at Miu Miu’s Fall lookbook) but balance it out, because in all truth, if you don’t know how to mix-and-match your patterns or brights it’s better to experiment in baby steps.

Miu Miu Lookbook Pre Fall 2015
Miu Miu Lookbook Pre Fall 2015


The best thing about tights is layering like a pro, like Leandra Medine always explains you can wear any season if you know how to layer. There should be a school for layering, serious, practiced right it can make 1 wardrobe transform into 3 instantly. If the temperature is scaring you away from that shift dress: layer your tights! Black thigh-highs on top on black tights never fails, or go for a thicker textured model like knit in a solid color. Also, you can wear two pairs of socks with your solid colored tights, that’s guaranteed warmth.

One big don’t is to assume that thick tights are pants or trousers and to wear them as such, this is a huge mistake. Doing this flatters no body on planet earth, it only looks good on models and that’s because they are wearing it on a runway or as gym gear. Try to stay away from taking on this practice and always make sure to match them with a garment that works with your body-type.

Tights for the autumn
Photos: Giamba A/W 2015, Rachel Zoe Ready to wear F/W 2015, Maison Margiela Hute Coture F/W 2015


Autumn is a season full of new pieces because we are getting ready for winter so take advantage of it and stack up on fun patterned tights that can break the gray-mood and be part of your day-to-day all the way to Spring. Yellow tights look gorgeous with earthy tones whilst purple or patterned ones look best with neutral tones.

Don’t be afraid of trying something new, that’s how the best things are born so go ahead and embrace the new season with this autumn must-have!

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