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How to get skinnier legs ...with tights?

How to Get Skinnier Legs … with Tights?

Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t have thin legs. It shouldn’t stop you from wearing trendy and stylish clothes. The optical illusion granted by these feminine pieces and good practices will make your legs appear thinner.

It is a well-known fact that black tights are slimming and should be found in every women’s wardrobe. But if you are longing for something special, it is worth to give a try to some ombre models in darker colors.
If you have thicker thighs, you can experiment with tights that go from some color on the bottom to black on the top, because they make you appear thinner right where you need it.
Tights can be really helpful, but let’s not forget that there are lots of other tricks to make our legs appear skinny.

Color and Pattern

Avoid big patterns and light colors. Choose something with a vertical pattern. It is good to know that polka dots make your legs appear thicker.

Avoid Shoes with Ankle Straps

Most shoes with straps, no matter how beautiful they look, can ruin your appearance, if you don’t have very thin ankles. They make your legs look shorter and thicker. If you fall in love with a piece like this, or you prefer to wear them because they support your feet, then pair them with long, straight legged or tube pants which have a slimming effect and also cover the straps.

Without straps your legs will look longer

You can find more tips here.

Wear Heels

We don’t mean heels of 10-12 cms (above 4 inches); you cannot do much more than stand still in those for a while. There are more comfortable models of course, but the ideal size that doesn’t hurt your legs is between 3 and 7 cms (1-3 inches), depending on the occasion. Flat shoes make your ankles and calves look thicker and they can be harmful when worn for a long time, except if you wear heel cushions or insoles with them. It is recommended to alternate between smaller (1-2 cms, ½-1 inches) and higher heels: it is the most beneficial for our health. And even small heels can work wonders: they make our legs appear longer and can boost our self-confidence. Don’t forget to straighten your back! If you walk with a straight back, head high, gracefully and ladylike, no one will notice if you are a couple of pounds more than you would like to be.

Nude Shoes for Short and Thick Shins

It might sound weird at first, but the example shown below illustrates the fact that nude shoes do a much better job elongating our legs than darker models. Lots of people are reluctant to wear nude colors, although they can be a really great choice. They are neutral, right for every outfit and can be used excessively if you decide to buy some.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has quite thin shins, but even she loves to wear her nude heels in her everyday life.

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