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How to wear blue tights

How to Wear Blue Tights

Want to experiment with colored tights but you aren’t ready for the bold yellow or red? Blue tights might be the perfect place to start from! From navy blue to bright or electric; blue tights are the easiest to mix…

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How to get skinnier legs ...with tights?

How to Get Skinnier Legs … with Tights?

Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t have thin legs. It shouldn’t stop you from wearing trendy and stylish clothes. The optical illusion granted by these feminine pieces and good practices will make your legs appear thinner. It is a well-known…

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Should You Wear Tights with Sandals?

Should You Wear Tights with Sandals?

A lot of us would probably answer with a startled and shocked “no” when asked if they wore colorful or patterned tights with sandals. Now we would like to share some tips which might be able to change the unfavorable opinions…

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How to wear ombre tights

How to Wear Ombre Tights

Let us show some simple tricks about how to wear ombre tights in your daily life If you are brave: You would put on your chartreuse sweater with orange accessories without hesitation on a rainy Wednesday morning? You like colors, and…

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