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New Bridal Tights collection

New Bridal Tights Collection

Already found your dream dress but you want to add some extra detail to the look? We all know: everything begins with the bridal gown, but like cake without frosting, the final embellishments can tell the whole story. Romantic glam,…

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The First Virivee Shop Has Opened!

This moment has finally arrived! As you probably have already learnt from our Facebook page, we have opened our first Virivee Shop in Budapest. We knew from the very start that we didn’t want to open a traditional shop for…

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The main Types of Virivee customers

Our ombre tights are now present all over the world. We can deliver everywhere, from Russia to the United States and from Sweden to Australia. Virivee tights has already been ordered from 38 countries, and the customers offer some interesting…

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