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Realistic flowers on your legs? New floral tights collection!

Get the fairy-feeling in your everyday.

Mother Nature never looked more beautiful: lavenders, poppies and a beautiful selection of summer flowers, but not in your vase anymore! We were always dreaming about how can we wear a whole field on ourselves, that’s why we created this super-feminine floral tights collection for the season.

Poppy tights by Virivee

The starting idea was the feeling of wearing nothing, only these artistically printed motifs. The thin and delicate tights guarantee an invisible look and absolute focus on the blossoms: these beautiful flowers will add color and sparkle to your outfit.

Be swept off your feet by our luxurious collection. You may have spent hours searching out that ideal dress but here at Virivee tight collection, we know that what goes underneath is just as important. With delicate lace, beautiful finish, you’re sure to find your perfect match in our elegant range. All without blowing your budget!

Bright up your wardrobe with these nature inspired creations, leave the reality behind you and enter the world of dreams!

Purple flower tights by Virivee

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